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ConsenSys Labs Relays

Relays are remote-first hackathons designed to discover and promote new products and talent

Hack. Hustle. Promote. Repeat.

ConsenSys Labs is fixated on the proposition that the next generation of open web and open finance products are for and built by everyone from everywhere. 

That’s why we run Relays. Relays are open-to-everyone 15-day decentralized “build-and-test-athons.” They are meant to galvanize global, distributed teams to create companies that solve real-world problems. We see blockchain as a cornerstone technology to create the open finance, identity and incentive/coordination solutions of the future. The Relays program is the build-and-validate engine we made to frame problems ready to be disrupted and promote pre-seed teams.

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Each Relay is focused around disruptive opportunity spaces in legacy industries, and the expectation of customer-first building. Our background as entrepreneurs and innovation strategists for the Fortune 500 companies, influence the research we provide for the teams (open sourced and free of charge) and the call-for-start-ups in the form of Bounties.

Read the briefs and research Labs provides for each vertical and ideate in verticals primed for disruption, like Media, Finance, and Health.

In August 2019, we added the newest module to the Labs Relays experience: Personal Bests.

Previous Relays Winners

Who are Relays For?


Whether you’re building your 10th dApp or your first, Relays is where you can find the guidance and product know-how to experiment and create. Whether you're looking for your next co-founder or your next gig, grow your network and build amazing projects on Ethereum.


We all know getting out of the building and talking to users is necessary for building and validating amazing products. That’s why we incorporated that time into the 15 day program.

No-code? No problem.

Submit research, mock-ups, and user & marketing validation without writing a line of code.


Bring your own dynamite team, or find brilliant technical and product co-founders to build your next start-up. We’ve built a 5-day team-building program leading up to the 15 day Relay where you have the option to pitch your start-up idea and let other design and technical talent sign-up.

Introducing "Personal Best" Relays

"Personal Best" is a program framed by the major milestones that projects and teams cross in order to become companies and founders. Those milestones correspond with the kind of positive traction signals Accelerators and Seed Investors look for. 

Personal Bests function as single-player hackathons, where teams compete with their previous performance. Personal Best advisors function as an outside POV to force iterative validation and a focus on the single most important thing that matter for early stage companies. Personal Bests are designed to push teams to secure major milestones earlier and provide invaluable services and introductions for teams when they cross the finish line.

Fall’19 Relays Schedule

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