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A network of loosely coupled, tightly aligned teams, products, and investments advancing the Ethereum ecosystem and the arrival of Web 3.0.
Cooperating with another to distribute the workload and increase resilience.
Joseph Lubin, Slack, 12:46pm, December 29th, 2015
"In the mesh, everyone is a stakeholder working to help others succeed. The mesh will keep growing to encompass much of humanity."

About ConsenSys Mesh

Since our founding in 2015, ConsenSys has been an incubator, investor, software provider, educator, and most importantly, an enabler of Ethereum adoption. In recent years, ConsenSys has focused on providing best-in-class Ethereum infrastructure, tools, and applications to power the burgeoning DeFi landscape and deliver production-ready blockchain infrastructure and solutions to enterprises.

In early 2020, we announced that ConsenSys would be separating our investment and portfolio management activities from our software business. The result is a new organization called ConsenSys Mesh, a complementary entity to the independent ConsenSys software business.

Mesh allows us to focus on exploring the innovative terrain beyond our software business. This model honors our roots as a venture studio and will maintain the spirit of uninhibited discovery that made ConsenSys what it is today. It is a space to create value for Ethereum and accelerate its lead as the most active, decentralized, and sophisticated blockchain network on the planet.

Mesh is made up of projects that are telling the stories of Web3, growing open source, and developing new protocols. It’s where we are building decentralized identity solutions and driving technical ecosystem R&D. Mesh operates as a network of developers, researchers, founders, investors, and communities dedicated to advancing Ethereum and other decentralized protocols, pushing the limits of technology in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Mesh will oversee the ConsenSys Labs portfolio of blockchain startups and support the Tachyon accelerator. It is also where we will continue all venturing activity. Our investment team will deploy capital and resources to the most innovative companies building solutions up and down the Web3 and Defi stacks.

This interconnected network is a place for the next generation of blockchain technologies to take shape and great entrepreneurs to flourish. Come build with us.

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