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A Brief History of ConsenSys Mesh and DAOs

Our Explorations & Investments Since 2016

What’s Next for Next-Gen NFTs

The Ownership Economy begins when NFTs tokenize their rights, gain a (decentralized) identity of their own, and start to act, just a little, fungible.

10 Predictions to kick off a new decade in Crypto

We will look back on 2021 as one of the top vintages in crypto history, and here are several milestones that we believe will get us there.

A Retrospective View on Compound's Evolution

Consensys Labs shares its outlook on growth, governance and Compound's future

ConsenSys and Allinfra Announce a Joint Venture

ConsenSys and Allinfra announce a joint venture delivering access, choice and liquidity to investors in unlisted infrastructure assets through blockchain technology

ABC Platform and ConsenSys’ uPort Poised to Open Investment Diamonds to the Institutional Public

Newly launched ABC Platform and uPort, the ConsenSys-incubated self-sovereign identity platform, announced a strategic partnership to unlock universal access to the market of hard-to-trade commodities